i12 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Case ( Black )

Automatic pairing and touch control, Simply extract them from the reload box and they will appear on your iPhone or Android phone immediately, so you can enter the world of music in seconds. Stereo and mono modes automatically switch without reconnecting, which helps you skip complex pairing procedures. With no clicks, just touch the headset and you can make all phone calls or music controls. WATERPROOF AND EXTRA COMPORT offers waterproof protection, they withstand sweat, rain, and even accidental dips in a puddle, so you can take them anywhere. Streamline ergonomic designed, optimized for extra comfort and fits better in ear earbuds, super lightweight sturdy design, with no sharp edges or corners and fits comfortably in your ears. Sweatproof construction is perfect for sports, running, jogging, Gym exercise, Watching TV or Sleeping. Bluetooth V5.0 Stereo Wireless Headset The latest Bluetooth V5.0 version makes the connection more stable, faster and consumes less power.
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